One Sad Scrappy Sucker

by Benny Peek

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Joe Ream Everything Benny makes is great, everything. Buy everything he puts out. Favorite track: Loyals & Regulars.
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Optimistic yammerings about having a hard time and moving forward.


released October 19, 2014

Recorded by the creative chieftains in the halls of Earthworks Studio in Newark, OH and mixed by their manager Tom Atha.



all rights reserved


Benny Peek Granville, Ohio

Lo-fi or high res, gentle or abrassive, these are acoustic theatrics from Central Ohio.


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Track Name: Friend Fights
Hey, another broken coward's putting you down
Would it help to stay mad at someone?
You know I've been trying to sleep at home

But goddamn, these hands ain't seen it all. . .
But in the end it won't matter, when you're cold and you're blind,
You won't feel the consequence

Everyone's gotta' learn to be alone, 'cos
No, it never helps to stay mad

Damn it all!
These aren't my only friends.
And I won't consider putting you through that again. . .
"And I don't care what goes on," she said
"In here you're not the hero, but out there,
You're something close!"

. . . Well, when you put it that way. . .

Alright already, alright again!
All, all, alright I can
All, all, calm down, I can!
Track Name: Song About A Sap (The Ballad of Barney Cline)
Convicted, in his prime
His girlfriend stole his mind,
Tattooed anchors near his eyes
For crossing nine state lines

Throws one back for the drive,
So musically inclined,
Two recruits by his side,
Tom Waits' music on his mine

"I can't afford these old highs. . . I'll chase a new one!"

Growing his own food, to every week a dime
A studio in the city when the summer was too dry
Fight's panic every night, waking up, brain fried
Articulates his pride, but never tells you why. . .

A temp jockey in a factory, but he's still vegan

New employers sent him home,
He worked to the bone,
They're always quick to trust Law
But they never know the outcome

Of hiring someone on they know they'll lose.

Been tarnishing my lungs,
$2 at the door,
Enough gas for the next city,
But you wanted something more

So tell me why, oh why did you give him the lead?!


I swear the time we spent burnt fossil fuels
Into the empty air, while that air will never again be clean
It will always remain cleared. You brought him to me,
And I gave it away

Last I heard of Barney Cline,
He was having himself a time
Confiding in cell mates and
Printing License plates on lines
His panic: it runs white
I got out with my life
Heard you've been doing alright,
I'll take that on a dime.

. . I don't wanna' die!
Track Name: Loyals & Regulars
That last one hurt
Something I'll learn
Why do I do this?

Good pull at restaurant, not lost, but not a perfect fit for all of the words of common closure. We'll all get older, we'll all get closer. . . Good hook, man! I really needed that. I'd give you one back, but it's Labor Day and I'm the happiest that I've been in years. But why did you thank me?

Now she's walking,
keeping her kids close,
Looking for something festive.
Got a few readers, no one complains

She's exploring, keeping her kids close,
looking for something communal.